Sell Your House

For a responsive and efficient service with a personal touch, sell your property with Revere.

An independent agency based in South London, we pride ourselves on our personal approach. No strings, no pitches, just a friendly, professional service you can trust.

At Revere, we focus on always providing all of our clients with peace of mind throughout the process. Transparent, personable, and knowledgeable to get you the best outcome.


As experts on the South London property market, we will use our knowledge and experience of the area to give you a realistic valuation. This free, no obligation service will help you to secure the best-possible sale, in a reasonable timeframe.

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A good agent will take the time to get to know a property. At Revere, we pride ourselves on always being ‘on the level’ with our clients. This means a transparent, personal service from start to finish.

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Advice for Sellers

When you’re selling your property, there are a some things to always keep in mind. Here are just a few:


Choose a Trusted Agent

Choosing the right estate agent is vital. Make sure you find a firm who is not only knowledgeable in the area, but is trustworthy. Don’t just base your decision on a great valuation, some agents are known to wildly exaggerate valuations to gain business. By working with Revere, you can guarantee an honest service at all times.


Market Smartly

The most important thing when it comes to selling a property is traffic. You want as many potential buyers as possible to know about your property. With Revere, your property will be advertised on the UK’s most high profile portals, using only professional photographs. We also have a pre-built database of potential buyers to give you that extra edge.


Stay in the Loop

Find an agent who will handle all incoming offers and negotiations to secure the best price available for you, while always keeping you in the loop. The Revere team is committed to providing you with verbal and written updates throughout the process so you always know what’s going on with your property and don’t have to worry.