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Offering our fully managed service we are here to help with everyday management duties, for example when Tenants experience a broken washing machine we arrange for it to be fixed, in between Tenancies we are here to arrange cleaning or maybe forwarding post, though outside of this we are much more we can organise a light bulb change- right through to a full refurbishment and everything between. Currently my task is windows, a Landlord has asked me, as her newly appointed managing agent, to have the windows in her Brixton terrace replaced. The windows are literally screeching out to be upgraded. After weathering, repainting, filling, even secondary glazing, time has come for an upgrade.


Windows can add value to a property, though, some windows can make a property look worse and therefore decrease its value, for example if a modern design window was used for pre 1930’s build it may not be in keeping with the original building design and look out of place.   Windows are now not just to let daylight in (heard of the saying ‘daylight robbery’ – well that’s another story for another time), they offer so much more, improving security, helping with sound proofing, combating heat loss and improving energy ratings. You may be considering selling a property, with new windows your property can become the most appealing property to buyers faced with a long list of properties needing upgrading, or as a Landlord, a property with new windows is becoming more important to Tenants and can improve your Tenants’ quality of living. As reported by ‘this is money’ good quality double glazing can improve a property’s value by 10%, this could be up to £60,000 going by the average property price in London, which from Rightmove’s reports this currently runs at £592,000.


Materials for frames include timber, vinyl and aluminium and some offer different features such as ‘double hung’ for opening from the top and the bottom, and tilting inwards to help cleaning from inside. Before changing your windows you must check with your local building department for any restrictions and make sure you are meeting current energy regulations, as well as up to date fire and escape requirements. Choose a ‘FENSA’ registered company with a list of customers’ windows you can visit. On fitting they supply you with a document ‘L’ certificate this is especially important if selling the property.


Im off to our local showroom now to choose some windows. For any advise on getting your property ready for selling or letting don’t hesitate to contact me or Bruno.


Melissa De-Vall, Revere Property Limited, 020 7223 3922,


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