Top Tips To Sell or Let in Current Market

Why the market price is slow?

Let’s start with what most are concerned about; Brexit. That’s right, the whole fiasco is stressful for everyone now be it buyers, sellers’ landlords or renters. There is so much uncertainty how Brexit will affect us.

Asking prices are down across London with Zones 1,2,3 and 6 getting the worst of it. The market is slower taking approximately 89 days for a property to get under offer which is longer than last year. (Rightmove)

The best time to sell a property is traditionally, during the spring/ summer months. For my fellow renters, as I’m sure you know, renting prices are increasing partly linked to Brexit so I would consider buying now, as mortgages are currently lower than rents.

Tips to help you make your property more appealing.

When it comes to homes be them flats, bungalows or houses, we may ask does my home look okay? What could I do to improve it? Will it cost an arm and a leg?

Well the answers to these questions are very simple and not what you think.

Little tricks and minor changes can make a big difference. If you walk into a dark room without the ‘light’ factor, buyers may not find it attractive. When you walk into a room, you will notice you’re drawn to the walls. What would you say if I told you going for neutral colours will make the room stand out.

In rooms, organisation is key to selling or letting, make minor changes to get the most out of the space – wow!

Take away shelves, minimize ornaments rearrange your sofa or table and chairs, making more space.

BEFORE                                                             AFTER


If the natural style of the building is 1930’s, going for the authentic old school furniture can help to keep the look uniformed.


It’s a good excuse for new bedding! Try some bright cushions, throws, rugs, maybe put up mirrors. Placing lamps in dark corners, along with changing heavy curtains for blind or voiles think, LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT!

Cleanliness is one of the main points that we can overlook, it’s a cost-free way to make your home look and feel fresh. Have a spring clean first, followed by weekly tidying, vacuuming and dusting.


 Why sell or let with Revere Properties

Selling properties can be difficult, managing buyer expectations and supplying correct information. If you’re a Landlord there’s no denying it, letting can be a minefield – making sure you do ‘right to rent’ checks, having correct and valid certificates, plus, correct and up to date paperwork etc. why not pop into our office, where I work (link below), to discuss your property journey.

We list our properties on the most popular property platforms, including Zoopla, On The Market and Revere, giving you the chance to be seen by your potential buyer or tenant.

When it comes to selling if you list your property above what it’s worth is just wasting your time, you will gain more interest and sell when listed at the right price.

Revere is a local estate and letting agent we are reliable, friendly and honest and will save you lots of stress, giving you more me time to enjoy spring and summer.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sahid Obalola

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