Battersea Landlord asks for Property Management Advise

Many Landlords ask Revere to manage their properties due to lack of time with busy work schedules, or expanding families, or sometimes travel! (I know which one Id like to be doing!….. travelling!)   We take great pride in managing properties and having the responsibility of looking after our Landlords’ biggest assets’.

Revere’s management portfolio is spread across Stockwell, Brixton, Peckham, Clapham, Balham, Wandsworth, Tooting and Croydon and continues to grow.

Recently an existing Landlord, with a property in Battersea, asked for advise how she could successfully manage her property.   You see, managing a property well, can lead to the standard of the property remaining high, lowering overall costs for maintenance and increase the longevity of Tenancies.  I began to explain our strategy for managing properties-

  • Establish an open and honest relationship with the Tenants.
  • Always respond to Tenants’ management queries as soon as possible.
  • Agree in writing appointment times and dates in advance.
  • Keep Tenants informed of works or arrangements.
  • Use trustworthy, reliable and reasonable contractors, we have several we’ve worked with for years – none of which we take a commission or a ‘kick-back’ from.

Part of Revere’s management service includes six monthly property inspections, and this is what we’d recommend if managing your own property. We take a detailed look through the property room by room, taking photographs on general presentation and of any areas causing concern-

  • Walls- we’re looking for cracks, marks, blistering, signs of damp and excessive wear.
  • Ceilings- looking for signs of leaks, condensation, buldges.
  • Windows – looking for condensation build up to the inside, rotting to windows or sills (interior and exterior).
  • Floors- looking for any signs of damp, rotting, dips, excessive wear.

We’re also checking if a property is being treated as a home.   We write to Tenants giving advise on areas which we feel could improve living in their home and to avoid any possible deductions from their deposit. Such advise may include-

  • Wipe away condensation (which can lead to mould) have windows open after bathing, showering or during cooking.
  • Vacuuming beneath furniture to avoid carpet moths.
  • Use shower spray’s and squeegee’s to combat limescale build up to tiles and screens.

Following a property inspection we compile a report with photographs and suggestions , if any, of works, giving a true insight of the property’s condition. Working closely with Tenants, and Landlords we have a management service to be proud of.

Our Battersea Landlord has now asked Revere to fully manage her property including collection of the rent,  allowing her to concentrate on her career.   Our management fees can be paid monthly are are really reasonable.

If you too would like Revere to manage your property or you would like to get advise on property management please contact myself or Bruno on the number or email below.

020 7223 3922,